Minn. Stat. § 475.51 - Definitions

Cite as:Minn. Stat. § 475.51
Currency:Current through 2020 c. 118; Sp. 1, c. 10; Sp.2, c. 2; and Sp.3 c. 2

Subdivision 1.Terms.

For the purposes of this chapter, the terms defined in this section shall have the meanings given them.

Subd. 2. Municipality.

"Municipality" means a city of any class, county, town, or school district.

Subd. 3. Obligation.

"Obligation" means any promise to pay a stated amount of money at a fixed future date or upon demand of the obligee, regardless of the source of funds to be used for its payment, made for the purpose of incurring debt, including the purchase of property through an installment purchase contract or any other deferred payment agreement, for which funds are not appropriated in the current year's budget.

Subd. 4. Net debt.

"Net debt" means the amount remaining after deducting from its gross debt the amount of current revenues which are applicable within the current fiscal year to the payment of any debt and the aggregate of the principal of the following:

(1) Obligations issued for improvements which are payable wholly or partly from the proceeds of special assessments levied upon property specially benefited thereby, including those which are general obligations of the municipality issuing them, if the municipality is entitled to reimbursement in whole or in part from the proceeds of the special assessments.

(2) Warrants or orders having no definite or fixed maturity.

(3) Obligations payable wholly from the income from revenue producing conveniences.

(4) Obligations issued to create or maintain a permanent improvement revolving fund.

(5) Obligations issued for the acquisition, and betterment of public waterworks systems, and public lighting, heating or power systems, and of any combination thereof or for any other public convenience from which a revenue is or may be derived.

(6) Debt service loans and capital loans made to a school district under the provisions of sections 126C.68 and 126C.69.

(7) Amount of all money and the face value of all securities held as a debt service fund for the extinguishment of obligations other than those deductible under this subdivision.

(8) Obligations to repay loans made under section 216C.37.

(9) Obligations to repay loans made from money received from litigation or settlement of alleged violations of federal petroleum pricing regulations.

(10) Obligations issued to pay pension fund or other postemployment benefit liabilities under section 475.52, subdivision 6, or any charter authority.

(11) Obligations issued to pay judgments against the municipality under section 475.52, subdivision 6, or any charter authority.

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