R.I. Gen. Laws § 6-27-3 - Definitions

Cite as:R.I. Gen. Laws § 6-27-3
Currency:Current through Public Law 19 of the 2020 Legislative Session

As used in this chapter:

(1) "Credit" means any loan, mortgage, deed of trust, advance, or discount; any conditional sales contract; any contract to sell, or sale or contract of sale of property or services either for present or future delivery, under which part or all of the price is payable subsequent to the making of the sale or contract and the creditor imposes a finance charge; any contract or arrangement for the hire, bailment, or leasing of property in connection with which the creditor imposes a finance charge; any option, demand, lien, pledge, or other claim against or for the delivery of property or money; any purchase, or other acquisition of, or any credit upon the security of, any obligation or claim arising out of any of the foregoing; and any transaction or series of transactions having a similar purpose or effect.

(2) "Creditor" means any person engaged in the business of extending credit, including any person who as a regular business practice makes loans or sells or rents property or services on a time, credit, or installment basis, either as principal or as agent, who requires, as an incident to the extension of credit, the payment of a finance charge.

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