42 U.S.C. § 1437v - Demolition, site revitalization, replacement housing, and tenant-based assistance grants for projects

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(a) Purposes

The purpose of this section is to provide assistance to public housing agencies for the purposes of-

(1) improving the living environment for public housing residents of severely distressed public housing projects through the demolition, rehabilitation, reconfiguration, or replacement of obsolete public housing projects (or portions thereof);

(2) revitalizing sites (including remaining public housing dwelling units) on which such public housing projects are located and contributing to the improvement of the surrounding neighborhood;

(3) providing housing that will avoid or decrease the concentration of very low-income families; and

(4) building sustainable communities.

It is also the purpose of this section to provide assistance to smaller communities for the purpose of facilitating the development of affordable housing for low-income families that is undertaken in connection with a main street revitalization or redevelopment project in such communities.

(b) Grant authority

The Secretary may make grants as provided in this section to applicants whose applications for such grants are approved by the Secretary under this section.

(c) Contribution requirement

(1) In general

The Secretary may not make any grant under this section to any applicant unless the applicant certifies to the Secretary that the applicant will-

(A) supplement the aggregate amount of assistance provided under this section with an amount of funds from sources other than this section equal to not less than 5 percent of the amount provided under this section; and

(B) in addition to supplemental amounts provided in accordance with subparagraph (A), if the applicant uses more than 5 percent of the amount of assistance provided under this section for services under subsection (d)(1)(L), provide supplemental funds from sources other than this section in an amount equal to the amount so used in excess of 5 percent.

(2) Supplemental funds

In calculating the amount of supplemental funds provided by a grantee for purposes of paragraph (1), the grantee may include amounts from other Federal sources, any State or local government sources, any private contributions, the value of any donated material or building, the value of any lease on a building, the value of the time and services contributed by volunteers, and the value of any other in-kind services or administrative costs provided.

(3) Exemption

If assistance provided under this subchapter will be used only for providing tenant-based assistance under section 1437f of this title or demolition of public housing (without replacement), the Secretary may exempt the applicant from the requirements under paragraph (1)(A).

(d) Eligible activities

(1) In general

Grants under this section may be used for activities to carry out revitalization programs for severely distressed public housing, including-

(A) architectural and engineering work;

(B) redesign, rehabilitation, or reconfiguration of a severely distressed public housing project, including the site on which the project is located;

(C) the demolition, sale, or lease of the site, in whole or in part;

(D) covering the administrative costs of the applicant, which may not exceed such portion of the assistance provided under this section as the Secretary may prescribe;

(E) payment of reasonable legal fees;

(F) providing reasonable moving expenses for residents displaced as a result of the revitalization of the project;

(G) economic development activities that promote the economic self-sufficiency of residents under the revitalization program, including a Neighborhood Networks initiative for the establishment and operation of computer centers in public housing for the purpose of enhancing the self-sufficiency, employability, an 1 economic self-reliance of public housing residents by providing them with onsite computer access and training resources;

(H) necessary management improvements;

(I) leveraging other resources, including additional housing resources, retail supportive services, jobs, and other economic development uses on or near the project that will benefit future residents of the site;

(J) replacement housing (including appropriate homeownership downpayment assistance for displaced residents or other appropriate replacement homeownership activities) and rental assistance under section 1437f of this title;

(K) transitional security activities; and

(L) necessary supportive services, except that not more than 15 percent of the amount of any grant may be used for activities under this paragraph.

(2) Endowment trust for supportive services

In using grant amounts under this section made available in fiscal year 2000 or thereafter for supportive services under paragraph (1)(L), a public housing agency may deposit such amounts in an endowment trust to provide supportive services over such period of time as the agency determines. Such amounts shall be provided to the agency by the Secretary in a lump sum when requested by the agency, shall be invested in a wise and prudent manner, and shall be used (together with any interest thereon earned) only for eligible uses pursuant to paragraph (1)(L). A public housing agency may use amounts in an endowment trust under this paragraph in conjunction with other amounts donated or otherwise made available to the trust for similar purposes.

(e) Application and selection

(1) Application

An application for a grant under this section shall demonstrate the appropriateness of the proposal in the context of the local housing market relative to other alternatives, and shall include such other information and be submitted at such time and in accordance with such procedures, as the Secretary shall prescribe.

(2) Selection criteria

The Secretary shall establish criteria for the award of grants under this section and shall include among the factors-

(A) the relationship of the grant to the public housing agency plan for the applicant and how the grant will result in a revitalized site that will enhance the neighborhood in which the project is located and enhance economic opportunities for residents;

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