Iowa Code § 12C.17 - Deposit of securities

Cite as:Iowa Code § 12C.17
Currency:Current through 2020 Legislative Session

1. A credit union which receives public funds shall pledge securities owned by it as required by this chapter in one of the following methods:

a. The securities shall be deposited with the county, city, or other public officers at the option of the officers.

b. The securities shall be deposited pursuant to a bailment agreement with a financial institution having facilities for the safekeeping of securities and doing business in the state. A financial institution which receives securities for safekeeping is liable to the public officer to whom the securities are pledged for any loss suffered by the public officer if the financial institution relinquishes custody of the securities contrary to the provisions of this chapter or the instrument governing the pledge of the securities.

c. The securities shall be deposited with the federal reserve bank, the federal home loan bank of Des Moines, Iowa, [or the United States central credit union,] a corporate central credit union organized under section 533.213, or a corporate credit union whose activities are subject to regulation by the national credit union administration pursuant to a bailment agreement or a pledge custody agreement.

d. The securities may be deposited by any combination of methods specified in paragraphs "a", "b", and "c".

2. A deposit of securities shall not be made in a facility owned or controlled directly or indirectly by the financial institution which deposits the securities.

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