42 U.S.C. § 285o-2 - Drug Abuse Research Centers

Cite as42 U.S.C. § 285o-2

(a) Authority

The Director of the Institute may designate National Drug Abuse Research Centers for the purpose of interdisciplinary research relating to drug abuse and other biomedical, behavioral, and social issues related to drug abuse. No entity may be designated as a Center unless an application therefore has been submitted to, and approved by, the Secretary. Such an application shall be submitted in such manner and contain such information as the Secretary may reasonably require. The Secretary may not approve such an application unless-

(1) the application contains or is supported by reasonable assurances that-

(A) the applicant has the experience, or capability, to conduct, through biomedical, behavioral, social, and related disciplines, long-term research on drug abuse and to provide coordination of such research among such disciplines;

(B) the applicant has available to it sufficient facilities (including laboratory, reference, and data analysis facilities) to carry out the research plan contained in the application;

(C) the applicant has facilities and personnel to provide training in the prevention and treatment of drug abuse;

(D) the applicant has the capacity to train predoctoral and postdoctoral students for careers in research on drug abuse;

(E) the applicant has the capacity to conduct courses on drug abuse problems and research on drug abuse for undergraduate and graduate students, and medical and osteopathic, nursing, social work, and other specialized graduate students; and

(F) the applicant has the capacity to conduct programs of continuing education in such medical, legal, and social service fields as the Secretary may require.1

(2) the application contains a detailed five-year plan for research relating to drug abuse.

(b) Grants

The Director of the Institute shall, under such conditions as the Secretary may reasonably require, make annual grants to Centers which have been designated under this section. No funds provided under a grant under this subsection may be used for the purchase of any land or the purchase, construction, preservation, or repair of any building. For the purposes of the preceding sentence, the term "construction" has the meaning given that term by section 292a(1) 2 of this title.

(c) Drug abuse and addiction research

(1) Grants or cooperative agreements

The Director of the Institute may make grants or enter into cooperative agreements to expand the current and ongoing interdisciplinary research and clinical trials with treatment centers of the National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network relating to drug abuse and addiction, including related biomedical, behavioral, and social issues.

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