§ 17. Economic estimates commission; appropriation limitation; powers and duties of commission

Currency:As amended through November 6, 2018

(1) The economic estimates commission shall be established by law, with a membership of not to exceed three members, and shall determine and publish prior to February 1 of each year the estimated total personal income for the following fiscal year. By April 1 of each year the commission shall determine and publish a final estimate of the total personal income for the following fiscal year, which estimate shall be used in computing the appropriations limit for the legislature. For the purposes of this section, "total personal income" means the dollar amount that will be reported as total income by persons for the state of Arizona by the U. S. department of commerce or its successor agency.

(2) For purposes of this section, "state revenues":

(a) Include all monies, revenues, fees, fines, penalties, funds, tuitions, property and receipts of any kind whatsoever received by or for the account of the state or any of its agencies, departments, offices, boards, commissions, authorities, councils and insitutions except as provided in this subsection.

(b) Do not include:

(i) Any amounts or property received from the issuance or incurrence of bonds or other lawful long-term obligations issued or incurred for a specific purpose. For the purpose of this subdivision long-term obligations shall not include warrants issued in the ordinary course of operation or registered for payment by the state.

(ii) Any amounts or property received as payment of dividends or interest.

(iii) Any amounts or property received by the state in the capacity of trustee, custodian or agent.

(iv) Any amounts received from employers for deposit in the unemployment compensation fund or any successor fund.

(v) Any amounts collected by the state for distribution to counties, cities and towns without specific restrictions on the use of the funds other than the restrictions included in section 14 of this article.

(vi) Any amounts received as grants, aid, contributions or gifts of any type, except voluntary contributions or other contributions received directly or indirectly in lieu of taxes.

(vii) Any amounts received as the proceeds from the sale, lease or redemption of property or as consideration for services or the use of property.

(viii) Any amounts received pursuant to a transfer during a fiscal year from another agency, department, office, board, commission, authority, council or institution of the state which were included as state revenues for such fiscal year or which are excluded from state revenue under other provisions of this subsection.

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