42 U.S.C. § 300gg-22 - Enforcement

Cite as42 U.S.C. § 300gg-22

(a) State enforcement

(1) State authority

Subject to section 300gg-23 1 of this title, each State may require that health insurance issuers that issue, sell, renew, or offer health insurance coverage in the State in the individual or group market meet the requirements of this part and part D with respect to such issuers.

(2) Failure to implement provisions

In the case of a determination by the Secretary that a State has failed to substantially enforce a provision (or provisions) in this part or part D with respect to health insurance issuers in the State, the Secretary shall enforce such provision (or provisions) under subsection (b) insofar as they relate to the issuance, sale, renewal, and offering of health insurance coverage in connection with group health plans or individual health insurance coverage in such State.

(b) Secretarial enforcement authority

(1) Limitation

The provisions of this subsection shall apply to enforcement of a provision (or provisions) of this part or part D only-

(A) as provided under subsection (a)(2); and

(B) with respect to individual health insurance coverage or group health plans that are non-Federal governmental plans.

(2) Imposition of penalties

In the cases described in paragraph (1)-

(A) In general

Subject to the succeeding provisions of this subsection, any non-Federal governmental plan that is a group health plan and any health insurance issuer that fails to meet a provision of this part or part D applicable to such plan or issuer is subject to a civil money penalty under this subsection.

(B) Liability for penalty

In the case of a failure by-

(i) a health insurance issuer, the issuer is liable for such penalty, or

(ii) a group health plan that is a non-Federal governmental plan which is-

(I) sponsored by 2 or more employers, the plan is liable for such penalty, or

(II) not so sponsored, the employer is liable for such penalty.

(C) Amount of penalty

(i) In general

The maximum amount of penalty imposed under this paragraph is $100 for each day for each individual with respect to which such a failure occurs.

(ii) Considerations in imposition

In determining the amount of any penalty to be assessed under this paragraph, the Secretary shall take into account the previous record of compliance of the entity being assessed with the applicable provisions of this part and part D and the gravity of the violation.

(iii) Limitations

(I) Penalty not to apply where failure not discovered exercising reasonable diligence

No civil money penalty shall be imposed under this paragraph on any failure during any period for which it is established to the satisfaction of the Secretary that none of the entities against whom the penalty would be imposed knew, or exercising reasonable diligence would have known, that such failure existed.

(II) Penalty not to apply to failures corrected within 30 days

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