44 U.S.C. § 3511 - Data inventory and Federal data catalogue

Cite as44 U.S.C. § 3511


(1) IN GENERAL.-In consultation with the Director and in accordance with the guidance established under paragraph (2), the head of each agency shall, to the maximum extent practicable, develop and maintain a comprehensive data inventory that accounts for all data assets created by, collected by, under the control or direction of, or maintained by the agency. The head of each agency shall ensure that such inventory provides a clear and comprehensive understanding of the data assets in the possession of the agency.

(2) GUIDANCE.-The Director shall establish guidance for agencies to develop and maintain comprehensive data inventories under paragraph (1). Such guidance shall include the following:

(A) A requirement for the head of an agency to include in the comprehensive data inventory metadata on each data asset of the agency, including, to the maximum extent practicable, the following:

(i) A description of the data asset, including all variable names and definitions.

(ii) The name or title of the data asset.

(iii) An indication of whether or not the agency-

(I) has determined or can determine if the data asset is-

(aa) an open Government data asset;

(bb) subject to disclosure or partial disclosure or exempt from disclosure under section 552 of title 5;

(cc) a public data asset eligible for disclosure under subsection (b); or

(dd) a data asset not subject to open format or open license requirements due to existing limitations or restrictions on government distribution of the asset; or

(II) as of the date of such indication, has not made such determination.

(iv) Any determination made under section 3582, if available.

(v) A description of the method by which the public may access or request access to the data asset.

(vi) The date on which the data asset was most recently updated.

(vii) Each agency responsible for maintaining the data asset.

(viii) The owner of the data asset.

(ix) To the extent practicable, any restriction on the use of the data asset.

(x) The location of the data asset.

(xi) Any other metadata necessary to make the comprehensive data inventory useful to the agency and the public, or otherwise determined useful by the Director.

(B) A requirement for the head of an agency to exclude from the comprehensive data inventory any data asset contained on a national security system, as defined in section 11103 of title 40.

(C) Criteria for the head of an agency to use in determining which metadata required by subparagraph (A), if any, in the comprehensive data inventory may not be made publicly available, which shall include, at a minimum, a requirement to ensure all information that could not otherwise be withheld from disclosure under section 552 of title 5 is made public in the comprehensive data inventory.

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