41 U.S.C. § 2303 - Ethics safeguards related to contractor conflicts of interest

Cite as:41 U.S.C. § 2303
Currency:Current through P.L. 116-135 (03/26/2020)

(a) DEFINITION.-In this section, the term "relevant acquisition function" means an acquisition function closely associated with inherently governmental functions.


(1) DEVELOPMENT AND ISSUANCE OF POLICY.-The Administrator shall develop and issue a standard policy to prevent personal conflicts of interest by contractor employees performing relevant acquisition functions (including the development, award, and administration of Federal Government contracts) for or on behalf of a Federal agency or department.

(2) ELEMENTS OF POLICY.-The policy shall-

(A) define "personal conflict of interest" as it relates to contractor employees performing relevant acquisition functions; and

(B) require each contractor whose employees perform relevant acquisition functions to-

(i) identify and prevent personal conflicts of interest for the employees;

(ii) prohibit contractor employees who have access to non-public government information obtained while performing relevant acquisition functions from using the information for personal gain;

(iii) report any personal conflict-of-interest violation by an employee to the applicable contracting officer or contracting officer's representative as soon as it is identified;

(iv) maintain effective oversight to verify compliance with personal conflict-of-interest safeguards;

(v) have procedures in place to screen for potential conflicts of interest for all employees performing relevant acquisition functions; and

(vi) take appropriate disciplinary action in the case of employees who fail to comply with policies established pursuant to this section.


(A) CONTENTS.-The Administrator shall develop a personal conflicts-of-interest clause or a set of clauses for inclusion in solicitations and contracts (and task or delivery orders) for the performance of relevant acquisition functions that sets forth-

(i) the personal conflicts-of-interest policy developed under this subsection; and

(ii) the contractor's responsibilities under the policy.

(B) EFFECTIVE DATE.-Subparagraph (A) shall take effect 300 days after October 14, 2008, and shall apply to-

(i) contracts entered into on or after that effective date; and

(ii) task or delivery orders awarded on or after that effective date, regardless of whether the contracts pursuant to which the task or delivery orders are awarded are entered before, on, or after October 14, 2008.


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