ORS 163.777 - Fees or undertaking may not be required; forms and brochures

Cite as:ORS 163.777
Currency:Current through 2019 Regular Session, Chapter 254


(a) A filing fee, service fee or hearing fee may not be charged for proceedings seeking only the relief provided under ORS 163.760 to 163.777.

(b) An undertaking may not be required in any proceeding under ORS 163.760 to 163.777.

(2) A proceeding under ORS 163.760 to 163.777 is in addition to any other available civil or criminal remedies.


(a) After obtaining the approval of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force shall produce:

(A) The forms for petitions and restraining orders, hearing requests and any related forms for use under ORS 163.760 to 163.777; and

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