ORS 316.287 - 'Fiduciary adjustment' defined; shares proportioned; rules

Cite as:ORS 316.287
Currency:Current through 2019 Regular Session

(1) The "fiduciary adjustment" is the net amount of the modifications to federal taxable income described in this chapter (ORS 316.697 being applicable if the estate or trust is a beneficiary of another estate or trust) that relates to its items of income or deduction of an estate or trust.

(2) The respective shares of an estate or trust and its beneficiaries (including, solely for the purpose of this allocation, nonresident beneficiaries) in the fiduciary adjustment shall be in proportion to their respective shares of federal distributable net income of the estate or trust. If...

(3) The Department of Revenue may by rule authorize the use of such other methods of determining to whom the items comprising the fiduciary adjustment shall be attributed, as may be appropriate and equitable, on such terms and conditions as the department may require.

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