ORS 801.285 - "Fixed load vehicle."

Cite as:ORS 801.285
Currency:Current through 2018 1st Special Session

"Fixed load vehicle" means all of the following apply to the vehicle:

(1) It is a vehicle with or without motive power that is designed and used primarily:

(a) To support and move a permanent load in the form of equipment or appliances constructed as part of or permanently attached to the body of the vehicle;

(b) For transportation of equipment or appliances that are ordinarily kept on or in the vehicle in order that the vehicle may be used for its primary purpose; and

(c) Except for the transportation of permanent load, appliances and equipment described in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this subsection, for purposes other than for the transportation of persons or property over public highways or streets.

(2) It is a vehicle other than the following:

(a) A travel trailer.

(b) A tow vehicle, including a tow vehicle with cranes, hoists or dollies.

(c) A truck-mounted transit mixer or volumetric mixer.

(d) A self-propelled mobile crane.

(3) It is a vehicle that may include, but is not limited to, the following vehicles:

(a) Air compressors, air drills, asphalt plants, asphalt spreaders, bituminous plants, bituminous mixers, bituminous spreaders and bucket loaders;

(b) [Cement] Concrete batch plants, [cement] concrete mixers other than transit [mix] mixers or volumetric mixers, cement spreaders, carryalls, crawler cranes, crushers and crushing plants, diggers and ditchers, power units and plants;

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