Ala. Code § 15-18-180 (1975) - Funding for community-based programs, facilities, services; user fees; inmate wages

Cite as:Ala. Code § 15-18-180 (1975)
Currency:Current through the 2020 Regular Session Acts 1 through 206

(a) Community punishment and corrections funds may be used to develop or expand the range of community punishments and services at the local level. Community-based programs options may include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) Community service supervision; victim restitution, community detention and restitution centers; day reporting centers; victim-offender reconciliation programs; home confinement/curfew; electronic surveillance; intensive supervision probation; alcohol/drug outpatient treatment and psychiatric counseling.

(2) Short-term community residential treatment options that involve close supervision in a residential setting may include, but are not limited to, the following options: Detoxification centers; community detention centers for special needs offenders and probation and parole violators; and inpatient drug/alcohol treatment.

(3) Residential in-house drug and alcohol treatment for detoxification and residential and nonresidential drug and alcohol counseling.

(4) Individualized services which provide evaluation and treatment for special needs of the population served under this article. The services may include the purchase of psychological, medical, educational, vocational, drug and alcohol urine screening, and client specific plan diagnostic evaluations. Other services which may be pursued on an individualized basis may include, but shall not be limited to, job training, alcohol and drug counseling, individual and family counseling, educational programs leading to a GED certificate, or transportation subsidies.

(b) Community punishment and corrections funds may also be used to acquire, renovate, and operate community facilities established to provide the options and services set forth in subsection (a).

(c) Counties, authorities, and other nonprofit entities receiving funding herein may provide or contract with qualified proprietary, nonprofit, or governmental entities for the provision of services under this article.

(d) Any options or services established under this article may serve offenders from any county in the judicial circuit which has established a program.

(e) As a part of a community punishment and corrections plan, user fees may be assessed to help defray the cost of the plan. User fees paid by an offender participating in any option or service established under this article shall not diminish the payment of restitution by the offender to the victim of the crime for which he or she was sentenced and shall not diminish fines, court costs, or other court fees unless expressly reduced or remitted by the court.

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