Gary, 050784 MSAGO, 19840507

Docket Nº:19840507
Case Date:May 07, 1984
Mr. Allen W. Gary, III
No. 19840507
Mississippi Attorney General Opinions
May 7, 1984
         Mr. Allen W. Gary, III          County Administrator          Pike County          Magnolia, Mississippi 39652          Dear Mr. Gary:          Attorney General Pittman has received your opinion request and has assigned it to me for research and reply, your letter stating:
“I am writing to request your opinion on the legality of paying a medical claim for an employee of Pike County. The employee was injured while an employee of Pike County. He was later discharged by the Pike Board of Supervisors. The employee subsequently went to a physician for treatment of injuries related to the accident when he was an employee of Pike County. Pike

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