26 U.S.C. § 5301 - General

Cite as:26 U.S.C. § 5301
Currency:Current through P.L. 116-135 (03/26/2020)

(a) Requirements

Whenever in his judgment such action is necessary to protect the revenue, the Secretary is authorized, by the regulations prescribed by him and permits issued thereunder if required by him-

(1) to regulate the kind, size, branding, marking, sale, resale, possession, use, and reuse of containers (of a capacity of not more than 5 wine gallons) designed or intended for use for the sale of distilled spirits (within the meaning of such term as it is used in section 5002(a)(8) for other than industrial use; and

(2) to require, of persons manufacturing, dealing in, or using any such containers, the submission to such inspection, the keeping of such records, and the filing of such reports as may be deemed by him reasonably necessary in connection therewith.

Any requirements imposed under this section shall be in addition to any other requirements imposed by, or pursuant to, law and shall apply as well to persons not liable for tax under the internal revenue laws as to persons so liable.

(b) Disposition

Every person disposing of containers of the character used for the packaging of distilled spirits shall, when required by the Secretary for protection of the revenue, render a correct return, in such form and manner as the Secretary may by regulations prescribe, showing the name and address of the person to whom each disposition was made, with such details as to the quantities so disposed of or other information which the Secretary may require as to each such disposition. Every person required to render a return under this section shall keep such records as will enable such person to render a correct return. Such records shall be preserved for such period as the Secretary shall by regulations prescribe, and shall be kept available for inspection by any internal revenue officer during business hours.

(c) Refilling of liquor bottles

No person who sells, or offers for sale, distilled spirits, or agent or employee of such person, shall-

(1) place in any liquor bottle any distilled spirits whatsoever other than those contained in such bottle at the time of tax determination under the provisions of this chapter; or

(2) possess any liquor bottle in which any distilled spirits have been placed in violation of the provisions of paragraph (1); or

(3) by the addition of any substance whatsoever to any liquor bottle, in any manner alter or increase any portion of the original contents contained in such bottle at the time of tax determination under the provisions of this chapter; or

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