Gibbs v. Lincoln Cold Storage, Inc., 111220 NEWC, 0272

Docket Nº:0272
Case Date:November 12, 2020
AARON GIBBS, Plaintiff,
No. 0272
Doc. 216
Nebraska Workers' Compensation
November 12, 2020
          David M. Handley Attorney at Law Watson & Carroll, P.C., LLO           James D. Garriott Attorney at Law Cassem, Tierney, Adams, Gotch & Douglas          ORDER           THOMAS E. STINE, JUDGE          This matter comes before the Court upon the Joint Stipulation for Continuance of Trial filed on November 5, 2020. The Court being fully advised in the premises finds the joint stipulation should be, and hereby is, sustained.          Trial of this matter shall be continued to January 29, 2021, commencing at 9:00 a.m., at the Compensation Court, 1010 Lincoln Mall, Suite 100, in Lincoln, Nebraska. Please be present at the place fixed for trial, together with your witnesses, 30 minutes before the time set for trial to mark exhibits and be prepared to proceed with the presentation of evidence. Arrangements shall be made for the court reporter to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of trial.          THE PARTIES ARE FURTHER NOTIFIED THAT THERE ARE MULTIPLE CASES SET FOR TRIAL COMMENCING AT 9:00 A.M., (CT) ON JANUARY 29, 2021, AT LINCOLN, NEBRASKA. TRIALS SHALL PROCEED IN THE ORDER SET FORTH IN THE ATTACHED DOCKET CALL. ALL PARTIES SHALL BE PREPARED TO COMMENCE TRIAL AT 9:00 A.M., (CT) AND AT SUCH TIMES LATER IN THE DAY AS DETERMINED BY PROGRESSION OF THE CASES ON THE DOCKET CALL.          IT IS ALSO HEREBY ORDERED that the following Pretrial Order shall govern all subsequent proceedings in this matter:          I.          All discovery shall be completed no later than January 4, 2021.          II.          DISCLOSURE OF RULE 10 REPORTS          On or before January 4, 2021, each party shall disclose and deliver to every other party any evidence that the party may present at trial by or from any witness qualified as an expert. This disclosure shall be in the form of a written report prepared and signed by the witness which complies with Rule 10 of the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court. Expert testimony will...

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