10 U.S.C. § 1095 - Health care services incurred on behalf of covered beneficiaries: collection from third-party payers

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(1) In the case of a person who is a covered beneficiary, the United States shall have the right to collect from a third-party payer reasonable charges for health care services incurred by the United States on behalf of such person through a facility of the uniformed services to the extent that the person would be eligible to receive reimbursement or indemnification from the third-party payer if the person were to incur such charges on the person's own behalf. If the insurance, medical service, or health plan of that payer includes a requirement for a deductible or copayment by the beneficiary of the plan, then the amount that the United States may collect from the third-party payer is a reasonable charge for the care provided less the appropriate deductible or copayment amount.

(2) A covered beneficiary may not be required to pay an additional amount to the United States for health care services by reason of this section.

(b) No provision of any insurance, medical service, or health plan contract or agreement having the effect of excluding from coverage or limiting payment of charges for certain care shall operate to prevent collection by the United States under subsection (a) if that care is provided-

(1) through a facility of the uniformed services;

(2) directly or indirectly by a governmental entity;

(3) to an individual who has no obligation to pay for that care or for whom no other person has a legal obligation to pay; or

(4) by a provider with which the third party payer has no participation agreement.

(c) Under regulations prescribed under subsection (f), records of the facility of the uniformed services that provided health care services to a beneficiary of an insurance, medical service, or health plan of a third-party payer shall be made available for inspection and review by representatives of the payer from which collection by the United States is sought.

(d) Notwithstanding subsections (a) and (b), and except as provided in subsection (j), collection may not be made under this section in the case of a plan administered under title XVIII or XIX of the Social Security Act ( 42 U.S.C. 1395 et seq.).


(1) The United States may institute and prosecute legal proceedings against a third-party payer to enforce a right of the United States under this section.

(2) The administering Secretary may compromise, settle, or waive a claim of the United States under this section.

(f) The Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the other administering Secretaries, shall prescribe regulations for the administration of this section. Such regulations shall provide for computation of the reasonable cost of health care services. Computation of such reasonable cost may be based on-

(1) per diem rates;

(2) all-inclusive per visit rates;

(3) diagnosis-related groups; or

(4) such other method as may be appropriate.

(g) Amounts collected under this section from a third-party payer or under any other provision of law from any other payer for health care services provided at or through a facility of the uniformed services shall be credited to the appropriation supporting the maintenance and operation of the facility and shall not be taken into consideration in establishing the operating budget of the facility.

(h) In this section:

(1) The term "third-party payer" means an entity that provides an insurance, medical service, or health plan by contract or agreement, including an automobile liability insurance or no fault insurance carrier, and any other plan or program that is designed to provide compensation or coverage for expenses incurred by a beneficiary for health care services or products. Such term also includes entities described in subsection (j) under the terms and to the extent provided in such subsection.

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