Ala. Code § 15-22-26.1 (1975) - Hearing officers

Cite as:Ala. Code § 15-22-26.1 (1975)
Currency:Current through the 2019 Regular and Special Sessions

(a) The position of Board of Pardons and Paroles Administrative Hearing Officer is created and established, subject to provisions of the state Merit System.

(b) The board may appoint or employ, as the board deems necessary, three administrative hearing officers who shall possess the powers and duties prescribed below in subsection (c). The first three appointments shall be provisional appointments made by the board pending job analysis and compilation of the examination for the state Merit System classification.

(c) Administrative hearing officers shall have the following powers and duties, subject to guidelines established by the board:

(1) No later than 12 months prior to the date an inmate is eligible for parole, as determined by the board, the administrative hearing officer shall investigate and review the inmate's preparedness for release to parole supervision by the board. Such investigation and review shall consider all factors deemed relevant to determine preparedness for release to parole as determined by the board's guidelines.

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