Tex. Ins. Code § 911.053 - Incorporation Requirements

Cite as:Tex. Ins. Code § 911.053
Currency:Current with legislation from the 2019 Regular Session effective as of December 31, 2020

(a) In this section, "separate risk" means one or more items of real property and the property's contents, if any, that is not exposed to any other property on which insurance is applied for in the association seeking the charter.

(b) To be granted a charter as a farm mutual insurance company, an association must:

(1) demonstrate that the association:

(A) has existed as an association of individuals for at least three years;

(B) has at least 100 individual members;

(C) operates for the purpose of membership recreation or welfare under a system of subordinate lodges, locals, or districts;

(D) does not have capital stock;

(E) is organized and operates solely for the mutual benefit of its members and not for profit;

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