42 U.S.C. 1396r-2 - Information concerning sanctions taken by State licensing authorities against health care practitioners and providers

Cite as42 U.S.C. 1396r-2

(a) Information reporting requirement

The requirement referred to in section 1396a(a)(49) of this title is that the State must provide for the following:

(1) Information reporting system

(A) Licensing or certification actions

The State must have in effect a system of reporting the following information with respect to formal proceedings (as defined by the Secretary in regulations) concluded against a health care practitioner or entity by a State licensing or certification agency:

(i) Any adverse action taken by such licensing authority as a result of the proceeding, including any revocation or suspension of a license (and the length of any such suspension), reprimand, censure, or probation.

(ii) Any dismissal or closure of the proceedings by reason of the practitioner or entity surrendering the license or leaving the State or jurisdiction.

(iii) Any other loss of license or the right to apply for, or renew, a license by the practitioner or entity, whether by operation of law, voluntary surrender, nonrenewability, or otherwise.

(iv) Any negative action or finding by such authority, organization, or entity regarding the practitioner or entity.

(B) Other final adverse actions

The State must have in effect a system of reporting information with respect to any final adverse action (not including settlements in which no findings of liability have been made) taken against a health care provider, supplier, or practitioner by a State law or fraud enforcement agency.

(2) Access to documents

The State must provide the Secretary (or an entity designated by the Secretary) with access to such documents of a State licensing or certification agency or State law or fraud enforcement agency as may be necessary for the Secretary to determine the facts and circumstances concerning the actions and determinations described in such paragraph for the purpose of carrying out this chapter.

(b) Form of information

The information described in subsection (a)(1) shall be provided to the Secretary (or to an appropriate private or public agency, under suitable arrangements made by the Secretary with respect to receipt, storage, protection of confidentiality, and dissemination of information) in such a form and manner as the Secretary determines to be appropriate in order to provide for activities of the Secretary under this chapter and in order to provide, directly or through suitable arrangements made by the Secretary, information-

(1) to agencies administering Federal health care programs, including private entities administering such programs under contract,

(2) to State licensing or certification agencies and Federal agencies responsible for the licensing and certification of health care providers, suppliers, and licensed health care practitioners; 1

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