N.J.S. § 43:15A-97 - 'Law enforcement officer' definition

Cite as:N.J.S. § 43:15A-97
Currency:Current through L. 2019, c. 246.

"Law enforcement officer" shall mean any permanent and full-time employee of the State of New Jersey holding one of the following titles: motor vehicles officer, motor vehicles sergeant, motor vehicles lieutenant, motor vehicles captain, assistant chief, bureau of enforcement, and chief, bureau of enforcement in the Division of Motor Vehicles, and highway patrol officer, sergeant highway patrol bureau, lieutenant highway patrol bureau, captain highway patrol bureau, assistant chief highway patrol bureau, chief highway patrol bureau in the Division of State Police, and inspector, investigator, and administrative inspector in the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, and inspector recruit alcoholic beverage control, inspector alcoholic beverage control, senior inspector alcoholic beverage control, principal inspector alcoholic beverage control, supervising inspector alcoholic beverage control in the Division of State Police, and conservation officer, assistant district conservation officer and district conservation officer in the Division of Fish and Game, and assistant chief marine police and senior marine patrolman in the Division of Resource Development, and marine police officer, senior marine police officer, principal marine police officer in the Division of State Police, and inspector, officer, senior inspector, and principal inspector in the Division of Shell Fisheri...

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