Ala. Code § 32-6-12.1 (1975) - Limited driving permits

Cite as:Ala. Code § 32-6-12.1 (1975)
Currency:Current with legislation effective through 3/31/2020

(a) The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency shall develop and implement a Class D hardship driver license program with specified and limited driving privileges for inmates in work release programs or community corrections programs and for persons released from incarceration from the Department of Corrections. Each person released from a period of confinement from the Department of Corrections, immediately following his or her release, shall be eligible to apply for a hardship driver license with specified and limited driving privileges from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency subject to rules, regulations, restrictions, and eligibility requirements established by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, as well as subject to payment of a fee not to exceed the cost of production of the hardship driv...

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