RCW 30A.04.112 - 'Loans or obligations' and 'liabilities' limited for purposes of RCW 30.04.111

Cite as:RCW 30A.04.112
Currency:Current through Chapter 37, 2017 Third Special Session

Sales of federal reserve funds with a maturity of one business day or under a continuing contract are not "loans or obligations" or "liabilities" for the purposes of the loan limits established by *RCW 30.04.111. However, sales of federal reserve funds with a maturity of more than one business day are subject to those limits.

For the purposes of this section, "sale of federal reserve funds" means any transaction among depository institutions involving the disposal of immediately available funds resulting from credits to deposit balances at federal reserve banks or from credits to new or existing deposit balances due from a correspondent depository institution.

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