19 U.S.C. § 2436 - Market disruption

Cite as:19 U.S.C. § 2436
Currency:Current through P.L. 116-158 (08/14/2020)

(a) Investigation by International Trade Commission; report; publication

(1) Upon the filing of a petition by an entity described in section 2252(a) of this title, upon request of the President or the United States Trade Representative, upon resolution of either the Committee on Ways and Means of the House of Representatives or the Committee on Finance of the Senate, or on its own motion, the International Trade Commission (hereafter in this section referred to as the "Commission") shall promptly make an investigation to determine, with respect to imports of an article which is the product of a Communist country, whether market disruption exists with respect to an article produced by a domestic industry.

(2) The provisions of subsections (a)(3), (b)(4),1 and (c)(4) of section 2252 of this title shall apply with respect to investigations by the Commission under paragraph (1).

(3) The Commission shall report to the President its determination with respect to each investigation under paragraph (1) and the basis therefor and shall include in each report any dissenting or separate views. If the Commission finds, as a result of its investigation, that market disruption exists with respect to an article produced by a domestic industry, it shall find the amount of the increase in, or imposition of, any duty or other import restriction on such article which is necessary to prevent or remedy such market disruption and shall include such finding in its report to the President. The Commission shall furnish to the President a transcript of the hearings and any briefs which may have been submitted in connection with each investigation.

(4) The report of the Commission of its determination with respect to an investigation under paragraph (1) shall be made at the earliest practicable time, but not later than 3 months after the date on which the petition is filed (or the date on which the request or resolution is received or the motion is adopted, as the case may be). Upon making such report to the President, the Commission shall also promptly make public such report (with the exception of information which the Commission determines to be confidential) and shall cause a summary thereof to be published in the Federal Register.

(b) Affirmative determination

With respect to any affirmative determination of the Commission under subsection (a)-

(1) such determination shall be treated as an affirmative determination made under section 2251(b) of this title (as in effect on the day before the date of the enactment of the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988); and

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