McCord, 011680 MSAGO, 19800116

Docket Nº:19800116
Case Date:January 16, 1980
Court:South Carolina
Dr. Bob McCord
No. 19800116
Mississippi Attorney General Opinions
January 16, 1980
         Dr. Bob McCord          Assistant          State Superintendent of Education          5th Floor, Sillers Building          Jackson, Mississippi 39201          Dear Dr. McCord:          Attorney General Summer has received the memorandum of Dr. Jack Gunn to you dated August 23, 1979 with attachments and has assigned same to me for response.          Dr. Gunn's memorandum states that “present law” gives the Board of Education the authority “to revoke a certificate for the conviction of a felony, but does not address the issuance of a certificate” (Emphas supplied) and that an application for a teacher's certificate requires a statement of “good moral character” by the Dean of the School. See attachments.          The particular inquiry to your office is by a student who, though given only a small fine and three years probations, nevertheless stands convicted of a felony, to-wit: unlawful sale of a controlled substance.          Doubtless is your present authority for revoking a license...

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