RCW 9.46.0261 - 'Member,' 'bona fide member.'

Cite as:RCW 9.46.0261
Currency:Current through Chapter 37, 2017 Third Special Session

"Member" and "bona fide member," as used in this chapter, mean a person accepted for membership in an organization eligible to be licensed by the commission under this chapter upon application, with such action being recorded in the official minutes of a regular meeting or who has held full and regular membership status in the organization for a period of not less than twelve consecutive months prior to participating in the management or operation of any gambling activity. Such membership must in no way be dependent upon, or in any way related to, the payment of consideration to participate in any gambling activity.

Member or bona fide member shall include only members of an organization's specific chapter or unit licensed by the commission or otherwise actively conducting the gambling activity: PROVIDED, That:

(1) Members of chapters or local units of a state, regional or national organization may be considered members of the parent organization for the purpose of a gambling activity conducted by the parent organization, if the rules of the parent organization so permit;

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