C.R.S § 7-56-305 - Member voting

Cite as:C.R.S § 7-56-305
Currency:Current through the 2019 Legislative Session


(a) Members of a cooperative may vote either in person or, if provided in the articles or the bylaws of the cooperative or a resolution of the board with respect to a particular issue, by any of the following methods:

(I) Mail or electronic transmission if a means is provided to verify that a member so voting has received the exact wording of the matter upon which the vote is to be taken;

(II) Telecommunication; or

(III) Any other means by which all persons in the meeting may communicate with each other during the meeting.

(b) Whenever in this article reference is made to voting by membership, the vote may be taken in any manner established pursuant to this section unless specifically provided otherwise in this article or by the board with respect to a particular matter upon which the vote is to be taken.

(c) With respect to a matter where a vote has been cast by an authorized means other than the person being present and voting in person, the person casting the vote shall be counted as present and voting for purposes of those provisions in this article that refer to persons "present and voting".

(d) Proxy or cumulative voting shall be prohibited except as permitted by the articles or bylaws of organizations incorporated prior to July 6, 1973; except that, where a member is other than an individual, its vote may be cast by a representative authorized pursuant to this article.

(2) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (3) of this section, each member of a cooperative formed under this article shall be entitled to one vote only.

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