12 U.S.C. § 1759 - Membership

Cite as12 U.S.C. § 1759

(a) In general

Subject to subsection (b), Federal credit union membership shall consist of the incorporators and such other persons and incorporated and unincorporated organizations, to the extent permitted by rules and regulations prescribed by the Board, as may be elected to membership and as such shall each, subscribe to at least one share of its stock and pay the initial installment thereon and a uniform entrance fee if required by the board of directors. Shares may be issued in joint tenancy with right of survivorship with any persons designated by the credit union member, but no joint tenant shall be permitted to vote, obtain loans, or hold office, unless he is within the field of membership and is a qualified member.

(b) Membership field

Subject to the other provisions of this section, the membership of any Federal credit union shall be limited to the membership described in one of the following categories:

(1) Single common-bond credit union

One group that has a common bond of occupation or association.

(2) Multiple common-bond credit union

More than one group-

(A) each of which has (within the group) a common bond of occupation or association; and

(B) the number of members, each of which (at the time the group is first included within the field of membership of a credit union described in this paragraph) does not exceed any numerical limitation applicable under subsection (d).

(3) Community credit union

Persons or organizations within a well-defined local community, neighborhood, or rural district.

(c) Exceptions

(1) Grandfathered members and groups

(A) In general

Notwithstanding subsection (b)-

(i) any person or organization that is a member of any Federal credit union as of August 7, 1998, may remain a member of the credit union after August 7, 1998; and

(ii) a member of any group whose members constituted a portion of the membership of any Federal credit union as of August 7, 1998, shall continue to be eligible to become a member of that credit union, by virtue of membership in that group, after August 7, 1998.

(B) Successors

If the common bond of any group referred to in subparagraph (A) is defined by any particular organization or business entity, subparagraph (A) shall continue to apply with respect to any successor to the organization or entity.

(2) Exception for underserved areas

Notwithstanding subsection (b), in the case of a Federal credit union, the field of membership category of which is described in subsection (b)(2), the Board may allow the membership of the credit union to include any person or organization within a local community, neighborhood, or rural district if-

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