ORS 330.003 - 'Merger' and 'school district' defined

Cite as:ORS 330.003
Currency:Current through 2018 1st Special Session

For purposes of this chapter:


(a) "Merger" includes any alteration, annexation, merger, consolidation, lengthening the course of study or other change under ORS 330.090 to 330.107, 334.710 to 334.770 and 335.490 to 335.505.

(b) "Merger" includes only those proceedings in which the entire territory of an involved school district is merged. The permanent rate limit for operating taxes for a school district after merger shall be the rate that would produce the same operating tax revenue as the school districts prior to merger would have cumulatively produced in the year of merger if the merger, not taking into account any applicable statutory rate limit, had not occurred.

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