Mims, 071487 MSAGO, 19870714

Docket Nº:19870714
Case Date:July 14, 1987
Mrs. June S. Mims
No. 19870714
Mississippi Attorney General Opinions
July 14, 1987
         Mrs. June S. Mims          Sunflower County Election Commission          Post Office Box 576          Indianola, Mississippi 38751          Dear Mrs. Mims:          Attorney General Edwin Lloyd Pittman has received your letter of request and has assigned it to me for research and reply. In your letter you state that you have had an independent qualify for the office of supervisor. You indicate that this potential candidate has been recently convicted of receiving stolen property and was ordered to vacate his office as part of his sentence. In this regard you ask:
Does Section 44 of the Mississippi Constitution as defined by Section 1-3-19 disqualify this individual of seeking the office of supervisor unless his appeal is reversed? Furthermore, since his appeal is without

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