42 U.S.C. § 13212 - Minimum Federal fleet requirement

Cite as42 U.S.C. § 13212

(a) General requirements

(1) The Federal Government shall acquire at least-

(A) 5,000 light duty alternative fueled vehicles in fiscal year 1993;

(B) 7,500 light duty alternative fueled vehicles in fiscal year 1994; and

(C) 10,000 light duty alternative fueled vehicles in fiscal year 1995.

(2) The Secretary shall allocate the acquisitions necessary to meet the requirements under paragraph (1).

(b) Percentage requirements

(1) Of the total number of vehicles acquired by a Federal fleet, at least-

(A) 25 percent in fiscal year 1996;

(B) 33 percent in fiscal year 1997;

(C) 50 percent in fiscal year 1998; and

(D) 75 percent in fiscal year 1999 and thereafter,

shall be alternative fueled vehicles.

(2) The Secretary, in consultation with the Administrator of General Services where appropriate, may permit a Federal fleet to acquire a smaller percentage than is required in paragraph (1), so long as the aggregate percentage acquired by all Federal fleets is at least equal to the required percentage.

(3) For purposes of this subsection, the term "Federal fleet" means 20 or more light duty motor vehicles, located in a metropolitan statistical area or consolidated metropolitan statistical area, as established by the Bureau of the Census, with a 1980 population of more than 250,000, that are centrally fueled or capable of being centrally fueled and are owned, operated, leased, or otherwise controlled by or assigned to any Federal executive department, military department, Government corporation, independent establishment, or executive agency, the United States Postal Service, the Congress, the courts of the United States, or the Executive Office of the President. Such term does not include-

(A) motor vehicles held for lease or rental to the general public;

(B) motor vehicles used for motor vehicle manufacturer product evaluations or tests;

(C) law enforcement vehicles;

(D) emergency vehicles;

(E) motor vehicles acquired and used for military purposes that the Secretary of Defense has certified to the Secretary must be exempt for national security reasons; or

(F) nonroad vehicles, including farm and construction vehicles.

(c) Allocation of incremental costs

The General Services Administration and any other Federal agency that procures motor vehicles for distribution to other Federal agencies shall allocate the incremental cost of alternative fueled vehicles over the cost of comparable gasoline vehicles across the entire fleet of motor vehicles distributed by such agency.

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