C.R.S § 30-20-110 - Minimum standards

Cite as:C.R.S § 30-20-110
Currency:Current through Chapter 326 of the 2020 Legislative Session

(1) The rules promulgated by the solid and hazardous waste commission and implemented by the department shall contain the following minimum standards:

(a) Such sites and facilities shall be located, operated, and maintained in a manner so as to control obnoxious odors and prevent rodent and insect breeding and infestation, and they shall be kept adequately covered during their use.

(b) Such sites and facilities shall comply with the health laws, standards, rules, and regulations of the department, the water quality control commission, and all applicable zoning laws and ordinances.

(c) No radioactive materials or materials contaminated by radioactive substances shall be disposed of in sites or facilities not specifically designated for that purpose.

(d) A site and facility operated as a sanitary landfill shall provide means of finally disposing of solid wastes on land in a manner to minimize nuisance conditions such as odors, windblown debris, insects, rodents, and smoke; and shall provide compacted fill material; shall provide adequate cover with suitable material and surface drainage designed to prevent ponding and water and wind erosion and prevent water and air pollution; and, upon being filled, shall be left in a condition of orderliness and good esthetic appearance and capable of blending with the surrounding area. In the operation of such a site and facility, the solid wastes shall be distributed in the smallest area consistent with handling traffic to be unloaded; shall be placed in the most dense volume practicable using moisture and compaction or other method approved by the department; shall be fire, insect, and rodent resistant through the application of an adequate layer of inert material at regular intervals; and shall have a minimum of windblown debris which shall be collected regularly and placed into the fill.

(e) Sites and facilities shall be adequately fenced so as to prevent waste material and debris from escaping therefrom, and material and debris shall not be allowed to accumulate along the fence line.

(f) Solid wastes deposited at any site and facility shall not be burned, other than by incineration in accordance with a certificate of designation issued pursuant to section 30-20-105; except that, in extreme emergencies resulting in the generation of large quantities of combustible materials, authorization for burning under controlled conditions may be given by the department.

(g) All facilities shall have a waste characterization plan approved by the department that is consistent with the certificate of designation for the facility. The plan shall outline screening methodologies and waste handling procedures and shall include a hazardous waste exclusion plan.

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