42 U.S.C. § 1437z-7 - Mixed-finance public housing

Cite as42 U.S.C. § 1437z-7

(a) Authority

A public housing agency may own, operate, assist, or otherwise participate in 1 or more mixed-finance projects in accordance with this section.

(b) Assistance

(1) Forms

A public housing agency may provide to a mixed-finance project assistance from the Operating Fund under section 1437g of this title, assistance from the Capital Fund under such section, or both forms of assistance. A public housing agency may, in accordance with regulations established by the Secretary, provide capital assistance to a mixed-finance project in the form of a grant, loan, guarantee, or other form of investment in the project, which may involve drawdown of funds on a schedule commensurate with construction draws for deposit into an interest-bearing escrow account to serve as collateral or credit enhancement for bonds issued by a public agency, or for other forms of public or private borrowings, for the construction or rehabilitation of the development.

(2) Use

To the extent deemed appropriate by the Secretary, assistance used in connection with the costs associated with the operation and management of mixed-finance projects may be used for funding of an operating reserve to ensure affordability for low-income and very low-income families in lieu of the availability of operating funds for public housing units in a mixed-finance project.

(c) Compliance with public housing requirements

The units assisted with capital or operating assistance in a mixed-finance project shall be developed, operated, and maintained in accordance with the requirements of this chapter relating to public housing during the period required by under 1 this chapter, unless otherwise specified in this section. For purposes of this chapter, any reference to public housing owned or operated by a public housing agency shall include dwelling units in a mixed finance project that are assisted by the agency with capital or operating assistance.

(d) Mixed-finance projects

(1) In general

For purposes of this section, the term "mixed-finance project" means a project that meets the requirements of paragraph (2) and is financially assisted by private resources, which may include low-income housing tax credits, in addition to amounts provided under this chapter.

(2) Types of projects

The term includes a project that is developed-

(A) by a public housing agency or by an entity affiliated with a public housing agency;

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