19 U.S.C. § 2416 - Monitoring of foreign compliance

Cite as19 U.S.C. § 2416

(a) In general

The Trade Representative shall monitor the implementation of each measure undertaken, or agreement that is entered into, by a foreign country to provide a satisfactory resolution of a matter subject to investigation under this subchapter or subject to dispute settlement proceedings to enforce the rights of the United States under a trade agreement providing for such proceedings.

(b) Action on the basis of monitoring

(1) In general

If, on the basis of the monitoring carried out under subsection (a), the Trade Representative considers that a foreign country is not satisfactorily implementing a measure or agreement referred to in subsection (a), the Trade Representative shall determine what further action the Trade Representative shall take under section 2411(a) of this title. For purposes of section 2411 of this title, any such determination shall be treated as a determination made under section 2414(a)(1) of this title.

(2) WTO dispute settlement recommendations

(A) Failure to implement recommendation

If the measure or agreement referred to in subsection (a) concerns the implementation of a recommendation made pursuant to dispute settlement proceedings under the World Trade Organization, and the Trade Representative considers that the foreign country has failed to implement it, the Trade Representative shall make the determination in paragraph (1) no later than 30 days after the expiration of the reasonable period of time provided for such implementation under paragraph 21 of the Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes that is referred to in section 3511(d)(16) of this title.

(B) Revision of retaliation list and action

(i) In general

Except as provided in clause (ii), in the event that the United States initiates a retaliation list or takes any other action described in section 2411(c)(1)(A) or (B) of this title against the goods of a foreign country or countries because of the failure of such country or countries to implement the recommendation made pursuant to a dispute settlement proceeding under the World Trade Organization, the Trade Representative shall periodically revise the list or action to affect other goods of the country or countries that have failed to implement the recommendation.

(ii) Exception

The Trade Representative is not required to revise the retaliation list or the action described in clause (i) with respect to a country, if-

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