Moore, 010680 MSAGO, 19800106

Docket Nº:19800106
Case Date:January 06, 1980
Court:South Carolina
Mr. Charles L. Moore
No. 19800106
Mississippi Attorney General Opinions
January 6, 1980
         Mr. Charles L. Moore          Director          Mississippi Civil Defense Council          P. O. Box 4501, Fondren Station          Jackson, Mississippi 39216          Procedure for Civil Defense to Follow After Notification in Nepotism Cases           Dear Mr. Moore:          Attorney General A. F. Summer has received your letter of request dated December 27, 1979 and has referred it to me for research and reply.          Your letter stated:
“On July 13, 1979, this Agency submitted a Request for Legal Opinion regarding Section 25-1-53, Mississippi Code of 1972, Nepotism (Attachment A). Based upon your rendered Opinion, dated August 6, 1979, (Attachment B), relevant to said section and applying the criteria outlined therein, it was our determination that possible violations of Section 25-1-53, Mississippi Code of 1972, existed within the local Civil Defense Councils. “In an effort to make all the local Civil Defense Councils cognizant of this Opinion and to afford each such council the opportunity of making any staff changes necessary to confirm with said code section, a letter dated August 21, 1979 (Attachment C) containing a copy of the Attorney General's Opinion was forwarded to all local Civil Defense Councils. “It is hereby requested that the following information and guidance be afforded this Agency: “1. General . What steps, measure or procedures must be taken at this time and by whom, to insure that all local Civil Defense Councils are in conformity with Section 25-1-53, Mississippi Code of 1972 . 2. Specific . We offer the following case for specific guidance and direction to reach a final conclusion in this matter: “Mr. Carl Carlos is employed by the Laurel-Jones County Civil Defense Council as the local County Director, effective January 16, 1970 (Attachment D). Mr. Carlos' wife, Paula H. Carlos, was later employed by said council as a Clerk II Typist, effective December 7, 1970 (Attachment E). The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides 50% matching funds, administered by the Mississippi Civil Defense Council, for the salaries of both employees. We have been informed that Mr. Carlos, who is being paid as a full-time local Civil Defense Director, is the Manager for the local fairgrounds. His time and attendance records are hereby included as Attachment F. We have further been advised that Mr. Carlos receives the sum of $367.26 per month

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