Mortimer, 010480 MSAGO, 19800104

Docket Nº:19800104
Case Date:January 04, 1980
Court:South Carolina
Mrs. Mae E. Mortimer
No. 19800104
Mississippi Attorney General Opinions
January 4, 1980
         Mrs. Mae E. Mortimer          Circuit Clerk          Montgomery County          Winona, Mississippi 38967          Dear Mrs. Mortimer:          Attorney General A. F. Summer has received your letter of request and has assigned it to this writer for research and reply.          In your letter of October 23, 1979, you request an opinion of this office as to whether conviction of the crime of embezzlement would bar a person from voting.          Section 23-5-35, Mississippi Code of 1972, states as follows:
A person who has been convicted of murder, rape, bribery, burglary, theft, arson, obtaining money or goods under false pretenses, perjury, forgery, embezzlement, or bigamy, shall not be registered, or, if registered, the name of such person shall be erased from the registration book on which it may be found by the registrar or by the election commissioners. Whenever any person shall be convicted in the circuit

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