N.J.S. § 54A:9-25.27 - 'New Jersey Lung Cancer Research Fund'

Cite as:N.J.S. § 54A:9-25.27
Currency:Current through L. 2019, c. 152.

a. There is established in the Department of the Treasury a special fund to be known as the "New Jersey Lung Cancer Research Fund."

b. The Legislature shall annually appropriate all monies deposited in the "New Jersey Lung Cancer Research Fund" established pursuant to this section to the New Jersey State Commission on Cancer Research, established pursuant to section 4 of P.L. 1983, c.6 (C.52:9U-4), for lung cancer research projects. As used in this section, "lung cancer research project" means a scientific research project which is approved by the commission and which focuses on the causes, prevention, education, screening, treatment or cure of lung cancer and may include, but is not limited to, basic, clinical, and epidemiologic research.

c. A taxpayer shall have the opportunity to indicate on the taxpayer's New Jersey gross income tax return that a portion of the taxpayer's tax refund or an enclosed contribution shall be deposited in the "New Jersey Lung Cancer Research Fund".

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