N.J.S. § 34:1B-74 - 'New Jersey Micro-Business Assistance Fund'

Cite as:N.J.S. § 34:1B-74
Currency:Current through L. 2018, c. 169.

a. To implement the program, the authority shall establish and maintain a special revolving fund to be known as the "New Jersey Micro-Business Assistance Fund," hereinafter, "the assistance fund," which shall be credited with:

(1) such moneys from the economic growth account of the "Economic Recovery Fund" established pursuant to section 4 of P.L. 1992, c.16 (C.34:1B-7.13), which the authority determines are necessary to effectively implement the program, within the limits of funding available from the Economic Recovery Fund, based upon the response to the program by micro-business development corporations;

(2) any moneys that shall be received by the authority from the repayment of the moneys in the assistance fund used to provide micro-business development loans pursuant to this act and interest thereon;

(3) moneys as may be available to the authority from business assistance programs administered by the authority or by other State agencies or authorities including, but not limited to, the New Jersey Development Authority for Small Businesses, Minorities' and Women's Enterprises established pursuant to P.L. 1985, c.386 (C.34:1B-47 et seq.), the New Jersey Urban Development Corporation established pursuant to P.L. 1985, c.227 (C.55:19-1 et seq.), the department or administered by federal agencies or by private sector foundations;

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