N.J.S. § 5:10-4 - 'New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority.'

Cite as:N.J.S. § 5:10-4
Currency:Current through L. 2019, c. 74.

a. There is hereby established in the Department of State a public body corporate and politic, with corporate succession, to be known as the "New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority." The authority is hereby constituted as an instrumentality of the State exercising public and essential governmental functions, and the exercise by the authority of the powers conferred by P.L. 1971, c.137 (C.5:10-1 et seq.) shall be deemed and held to be an essential governmental function of the State and the application of the revenue derived from the projects to the purposes provided in P.L. 1971, c.137 (C.5:10-1 et seq.) shall be deemed and held to be applied in support of government.

b. The authority shall consist of the State Treasurer, the President of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, and a member of the Hackensack Meadowlands Municipal Committee established by the "Hackensack Meadowlands Redevelopment Act," P.L. 1968, c.404 (C.13:17-1 et seq.), to be appointed by the Governor, who shall be members ex officio, 11 members appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate, one member appointed by the President of the Senate and one member appointed by the Speaker of the General Assembly, for terms of four years. Each member shall hold office for the term of the member's appointment and until the member's successor shall have been appointed and qualified. A member shall be eligible for reappointment. Any vacancy in the membership occurring other than by expiration of term shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment but for the unexpired term only.

c. Each appointed member may be removed from office by the Governor, for cause, after a public hearing, and may be suspended by the Governor pending the completion of such hearing. Each member before entering upon the member's duties shall take and subscribe an oath to perform the duties of the member's office faithfully, impartially and justly to the best of the member's ability. A record of such oaths shall be filed in the office of the Secretary of State.

d. The chair shall be appointed by the Governor from the members of the authority other than ex officio members, and the members of the authority shall elect one of their number as vice chair thereof. The authority shall elect a secretary and a treasurer, who need not be members, and the same person may be elected to serve both as secretary and treasurer. The powers of the authority shall be vested in the members thereof in office from time to time and nine members of the authority shall constitute a quorum at any meeting thereof. Action may be taken and motions and resolutions adopted by the authority at any meeting thereof by the affirmative vote of at least eight members of the authority. No vacancy in the membership of the authority shall impair the right of a quorum of the members to exercise all the powers and perform all the duties of the authority.

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