OAG 94-017.

Case Date:March 09, 1994
Kentucky Attorney General Opinions 1994. OAG 94-017. March 9, 1994OAG 94-17This is an official copy of the following document. Hon. Vic Hellard, Jr. Director Legislative Research CommissionCapitol Building Room 300Frankfort, Kentucky 40601 Re: Effective Date of Certain Legislation Enacted During the 1994 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly.Dear Mr. Hellard: By letter of March 3, 1994, you asked that this office provide an opinion concerning the normal effective date of legislation enacted during the 1994 regular session of Kentucky's General Assembly, in relation to legislation not containing an emergency or delayed effective date. Your letter asks that we express an opinion on the effective date of legislation based upon adjournment of the General Assembly either on Tuesday, April 12, 1994, or Wednesday, April 13, 1994. The effective date of legislation is governed by Section 55 of the Constitution of Kentucky, which provides: No act, except general appropriation bills, shall become a law until ninety days after the adjournment of the session atwhich it was passed, except in cases of emergency, when, by the concurrence of a majority of the members elected to each House of the General Assembly, by a yea and nay vote entered upon their journals, an act may become a law when approved by the governor, but the reasons for the emergency that justifies this action must be set out at length in the journal of each House. (Emphasis added.) The language "ninety days after adjournment" (emphasis added), as used in Section 55 of Kentucky's Constitution (above), indicates that the day of adjournment (meaning day of final adjournment for the session, termed "adjournment sine...

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