Tex. Tax Code § 151.4171 - Optional Reporting Method: Percentage-Based

Cite as:Tex. Tax Code § 151.4171
Currency:Current with legislation from the 2019 Regular Session effective as of September 1, 2019

(a) In this section, "percentage-based reporting method" means a method by which a taxpayer categorizes purchase transactions according to standards specified in the letter of authorization, reviews an agreed-on sample of invoices in that category to determine the percentage of taxable transactions, and uses that percentage to calculate the amount of tax to be reported.

(b) The comptroller may authorize the holder of a direct payment permit to use a percentage-based reporting method. The authorized percentage must be used for a three-year period specified by the comptroller, unless the authorization is revoked by the comptroller.

(c) The comptroller may revoke the authorization to report under this section if the comptroller determines that the percentage being used is no longer representative because of a change:

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