43 U.S.C. § 1786 Piedras Blancas Historic Light Station

LibraryUnited States Statutes
CurrencyCurrent through P.L. 118-19 (published on www.congress.gov on 10/06/2023)
Citation43 U.S.C. § 1786

(a) Definitions

In this section:

(1) Light Station

The term "Light Station" means Piedras Blancas Light Station.

(2) Outstanding Natural Area

The term "Outstanding Natural Area" means the Piedras Blancas Historic Light Station Outstanding Natural Area established pursuant to subsection (c).

(3) Public lands

The term "public lands" has the meaning stated in section 103(e) of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 ( 43 U.S.C. 1703(e) ).1

(4) Secretary

The term "Secretary" means the Secretary of the Interior.

(b) Findings

Congress finds as follows:

(1) The publicly owned Piedras Blancas Light Station has nationally recognized historical structures that should be preserved for present and future generations.

(2) The coastline adjacent to the Light Station is internationally recognized as having significant wildlife and marine habitat that provides critical information to research institutions throughout the world.

(3) The Light Station tells an important story about California's coastal prehistory and history in the context of the surrounding region and communities.

(4) The coastal area surrounding the Light Station was traditionally used by Indian people, including the Chumash and Salinan Indian tribes.

(5) The Light Station is historically associated with the nearby world-famous Hearst Castle (Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument), now administered by the State of California.

(6) The Light Station represents a model partnership where future management can be successfully accomplished among the Federal Government, the State of California, San Luis Obispo County, local communities, and private groups.

(7) Piedras Blancas Historic Light Station Outstanding Natural Area would make a significant addition to the National Landscape Conservation System administered by the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management.

(8) Statutory protection is needed for the Light Station and its surrounding Federal lands to ensure that it remains a part of our historic, cultural, and natural heritage and to be a source of inspiration for the people of the United States.

(c) Designation of the Piedras Blancas Historic Light Station Outstanding Natural Area

(1) In general

In order to protect, conserve, and enhance for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations the unique and nationally important historical, natural, cultural, scientific, educational, scenic, and recreational values of certain lands in and around the Piedras Blancas Light Station, in San Luis Obispo County, California, while allowing certain recreational and research activities to continue, there is established, subject to valid existing rights, the Piedras Blancas Historic Light Station Outstanding Natural Area.

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