5 U.S.C. § 9802 Planning, Notification, and Reporting Requirements

LibraryUnited States Statutes
CurrencyCurrent through P.L. 118-21 (published on www.congress.gov on 11/13/2023)

(a) Not later than 90 days before exercising any of the workforce authorities made available under this chapter, the Administrator shall submit a written plan to the appropriate committees of Congress. Such plan shall be approved by the Office of Personnel Management.

(b) A workforce plan shall include a description of-

(1) each critical need of the Administration and the criteria used in the identification of that need;


(A) the functions, approximate number, and classes or other categories of positions or employees that-

(i) address critical needs; and

(ii) would be eligible for each authority proposed to be exercised under this chapter; and

(B) how the exercise of those authorities with respect to the eligible positions or employees involved would address each critical need identified under paragraph (1);


(A) any critical need identified under paragraph (1) which would not be addressed by the authorities made available under this chapter; and

(B) the reasons why those needs would not be so addressed;

(4) the specific criteria to be used in determining which individuals may receive the benefits described under sections 9804 and 9805 (including the criteria for granting bonuses in the absence of a critical need), and how the level of those benefits will be determined;

(5) the safeguards or other measures that will be applied to ensure that this chapter is carried out in a manner consistent with merit system principles;

(6) the means by which employees will be afforded the notification required under subsections (c) and (d)(1)(B);

(7) the methods that will be used to determine if the authorities exercised under this chapter have successfully addressed each critical need identified under paragraph (1);


(A) the recruitment methods used by the Administration before the enactment of this chapter to recruit highly qualified individuals; and

(B) the changes the Administration will implement after the enactment of this chapter in order to improve its recruitment of highly qualified individuals, including how it intends to use-

(i) nongovernmental recruitment or placement agencies; and

(ii) Internet technologies; and

(9) any workforce-related reforms required to resolve the findings and recommendations of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board, the extent to which those recommendations were accepted, and, if necessary, the reasons why any of those recommendations were not accepted.

(c) Not later than 60 days before first exercising any of the workforce authorities made available under this chapter, the Administrator shall provide to all employees the workforce plan and any additional information which the Administrator considers appropriate.

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