Porter v. City of Little Rock, 100821 ARWC, G907252

Docket NºCLAIM G907252
Case DateOctober 08, 2021
CLAIM No. G907252
Arkansas Workers Compensation
Before the Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission
October 8, 2021
          Claimant was represented by Mr. Willard Proctor, Jr., Attorney at Law, Little Rock, Arkansas. Claimant’s counsel appeared at the hearing. Claimant did not appear at the hearing.           Respondents were represented by Ms. Melissa Wood, Attorney at Law, Little Rock, Arkansas.           A hearing was held before ADMINISTRATIVE LAW JUDGE KATIE ANDERSON, in Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas.           KATIE ANDERSON, ADMINISTRATIVE LAW JUDGE          STATEMENT OF THE CASE          A hearing was held on September 16, 2021, in the present matter pursuant to Dillard v. Benton County Sheriff’s Office, 87 Ark. App. 379, 192 S.W.3d 287 (2004), to determine whether the above-referenced matter should be dismissed for failure to prosecute under the provisions of Ark. Code Ann. § 11-9-702 and Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission Rule 099.13.          Appropriate Notice of this hearing was had on all parties to their last known address in the manner prescribed by law.          The record consists of the transcript of the September 16, 2021, hearing and the documents contained therein. The remainder of the Commission’s file has also been made a part of the record. It is hereby incorporated herein by reference. Respondents’ exhibit packet was marked as Respondents’ Exhibit 1 and was made a part of the record. The packet consisted of the Form AR-1; the November 4, 2019, Form AR-C; the Form AR-2; the e-mail correspondence between the attorneys dated August 20, 2021; and the Notice of Hearing dated August 20, 2021.          DISCUSSION          On November 4, 2019, Claimant filed a Form AR-C with the Commission requesting only a change of physician. Per this form, Claimant alleged that he sustained multiple compensable injuries on February 27, 2019, while working for Respondent-Employer. Specifically, the following description was stated for Claimant’s accidental injury:
I was in the commission of doing my job checking on the welfare of homeless people in Little Rock near Springer Blvd and the exit of Interstate

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