OCGA § 32-3-11 - Power of judge to set aside, vacate, and annul declaration of taking; issuance and service on condemnor of rule nisi; hearing

Cite as:OCGA § 32-3-11
Currency:Current through 2019 Chapter 321

(a) Upon proper pleadings and evidence, under the applicable rules of law, the judge of the superior court shall have the authority to set aside, vacate, and annul the declaration of taking, together with any title acquired thereby, in the same way and manner and for the same reasons as are provided by Code Sections 23-2-60 and 9-11-60. The power of the court in this respect shall not be construed as extending to a determination of questions of necessity, but there shall be a prima-facie presumption that the property or interest condemned is taken for and is necessary to the public use provided for in this article.

(b) The power of the court as described in subsection (a) of this Code section shall be restricted to the following questions:

(1) Fraud or bad faith, as contemplated by Code Sections 23-2-60 and 9-11-60;

(2) The improper use of the powers of this article, such as are not contemplated by this article;

(3) The abuse or misuse of the powers of this article; and

(4) Such other questions as may properly be raised, including the question of whether or not this article has been invoked in some respect beyond the privileges conferred by this article or by an unauthorized agency, county, or municipality.

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