Ala. Code § 15-22-53 (1975) - Powers and duties of probation officers; restrictions on inspection of records, reports, etc., of probation officers

Cite as:Ala. Code § 15-22-53 (1975)
Currency:Current through the 2020 Regular Session Acts 1 through 206

(a) A probation officer shall investigate all cases referred to him or her for investigation by any court or by the Board of Pardons and Paroles and shall report in writing thereon. He or she shall furnish to persons released on probation under his or her supervision a written statement of the conditions of probation and shall instruct them regarding the same. Such officer shall keep informed concerning the conduct and condition of each person on probation under his or her supervision by visiting, requiring reports, and in other ways, based on the offender's measured risk of offending, and he or she shall report thereon in writing as often as the court or the board may require. The officer shall use all practicable and suitable evidence-based practices as defined in Section 12-25-32, not inconsistent with the provisions imposed by the court, to aid and encourage persons on probation and to bring about improvements in their conduct and condition. The officer shall keep detailed records of his or her work and shall make such reports in writing to the court and the board as they may require. A probation officer shall have, in the execution of his or her duties, the powers of arrest and the same right to execute process as is no...

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