15 U.S.C. § 78fff-1 - Powers and duties of a trustee

Cite as15 U.S.C. § 78fff-1

(a) Trustee powers

A trustee shall be vested with the same powers and title with respect to the debtor and the property of the debtor, including the same rights to avoid preferences, as a trustee in a case under title 11. In addition, a trustee may, with the approval of SIPC but without any need for court approval-

(1) hire and fix the compensation of all personnel (including officers and employees of the debtor and of its examining authority) and other persons (including accountants) that are deemed by the trustee necessary for all or any purposes of the liquidation proceeding;

(2) utilize SIPC employees for all or any purposes of a liquidation proceeding; and

(3) margin and maintain customer accounts of the debtor for the purposes of section 78fff-2(f) of this title.

(b) Trustee duties

To the extent consistent with the provisions of this chapter or as otherwise ordered by the court, a trustee shall be subject to the same duties as a trustee in a case under chapter 7 of title 11, including, if the debtor is a commodity broker, as defined under section 101 of such title, the duties specified in subchapter IV of such chapter 7, except that a trustee may, but shall have no duty to, reduce to money any securities constituting customer property or in the general estate of the debtor. In addition, the trustee shall-

(1) deliver securities to or on behalf of customers to the maximum extent practicable in satisfaction of customer claims for securities of the same class and series of an issuer; and

(2) subject to the prior approval of SIPC but without any need for court approval, pay or guarantee all or any part of the indebtedness of the debtor to a bank, lender, or other person if the trustee determines that the aggregate market value of securities to be made available to the trustee upon the payment or guarantee of such indebtedness does not appear to be less than the total amount of such payment or guarantee.

(c) Reports by trustee to court

The trustee shall make to the court and to SIPC such written reports as may be required of a trustee in a case under chapter 7 of title 11, and shall include in such reports information with respect to the progress made in distributing cash and securities to customers. Such reports shall be in such form and detail as the Commission determines by rule to present fairly the results of the liquidation proceeding as of the date of or for the period covered by such reports, having due regard for the requirements of section 78q of this title and the rules prescribed under such section and the magnitude of items and transactions involved in connection with the operations of a broker or dealer.

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