ORS 181.585 - 'Predatory sex offender' defined; determination

Cite as:ORS 181.585
Currency:Current through 2019 Regular Session, Chapter 12

(1) For purposes of ORS 181.585 to [181.587] 181.589, a person is a predatory sex offender if the person:

(a) Is required to report as a sex offender under ORS 181.609 as the result of a finding that the person committed an act that if committed by an adult in this state would constitute a predatory sex offense; and

(b) Exhibits characteristics showing a tendency to victimize or injure others [and has been convicted of a sex crime listed in ORS 181.594 (5)(a) to (d), has been convicted of attempting to commit one of those crimes or has been found guilty except for insanity of one of those crimes].

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