49 U.S.C. § 47106 - Project grant application approval conditioned on satisfaction of project requirements

Cite as49 U.S.C. § 47106

(a) PROJECT GRANT APPLICATION APPROVAL.-The Secretary of Transportation may approve an application under this subchapter for a project grant only if the Secretary is satisfied that-

(1) the project is consistent with plans (existing at the time the project is approved) of public agencies authorized by the State in which the airport is located to plan for the development of the area surrounding the airport;

(2) the project will contribute to carrying out this subchapter;

(3) enough money is available to pay the project costs that will not be paid by the United States Government under this subchapter;

(4) the project will be completed without unreasonable delay;

(5) the sponsor has authority to carry out the project as proposed;

(6) if the project is for an airport that has an airport master plan that includes the project, the master plan addresses issues relating to solid waste recycling at the airport, including-

(A) the feasibility of solid waste recycling at the airport;

(B) minimizing the generation of solid waste at the airport;

(C) operation and maintenance requirements;

(D) the review of waste management contracts; and

(E) the potential for cost savings or the generation of revenue; and

(7) if the project is at an airport that is listed as having an unclassified status under the most recent national plan of integrated airport systems (as described in section 47103), the project will be funded with an amount appropriated under section 47114(d)(3)(B) and is-

(A) for maintenance of the pavement of the primary runway;

(B) for obstruction removal for the primary runway;

(C) for the rehabilitation of the primary runway; or

(D) for a project that the Secretary considers necessary for the safe operation of the airport.

(b) AIRPORT DEVELOPMENT PROJECT GRANT APPLICATION APPROVAL.-The Secretary may approve an application under this subchapter for an airport development project grant for an airport only if the Secretary is satisfied that-

(1) the sponsor, a public agency, or the Government holds good title to the areas of the airport used or intended to be used for the landing, taking off, or surface maneuvering of aircraft, or that good title will be acquired;

(2) the interests of the community in or near which the project may be located have been given fair consideration; and

(3) the application provides touchdown zone and centerline runway lighting, high intensity runway lighting, or land necessary for installing approach light systems that the Secretary, considering the category of the airport and the kind and volume of traffic using it, decides is necessary for safe and efficient use of the airport by aircraft.


(1) The Secretary may approve an application under this subchapter for an airport development project involving the location of an airport or runway or a major runway extension-

(A) only if the sponsor certifies to the Secretary that-

(i) an opportunity for a public hearing was given to consider the economic, social, and environmental effects of the location and the location's consistency with the objectives of any planning that the community has carried out;

(ii) the airport management board has voting representation from the communities in which the project is located or has advised the communities that they have the right to petition the Secretary about a proposed project; and

(iii) with respect to an airport development project involving the location of an airport, runway, or major runway extension at a medium or large hub airport, the airport sponsor has made available to and has provided upon request to the metropolitan planning organization in the area in which the airport is located, if any, a copy of the proposed amendment to the airport layout plan to depict the project and a copy of any airport master plan in which the project is described or depicted; and

(B) if the application is found to have a significant adverse effect on natural resources, including fish and wildlife, natural, scenic, and recreation assets, water and air quality, or another factor affecting the environment, only after finding that no possible and prudent alternative to the project exists and that every reasonable step has been taken to minimize the adverse effect.

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