OCGA § 15-10-50 - Interrogatories to judgment debtor; form; contempt; authorized discovery procedures

Cite as:OCGA § 15-10-50
Currency:Current through 2019-2020 Chapter 328

(a) In aid of any judgment or execution issued by any court in this state upon which the unpaid balance does not exceed the jurisdictional amount for civil claims in magistrate court as provided in paragraph (5) of Code Section 15-10-2, the judgment creditor or his successor in interest when that interest appears of record, may, in addition to any other process or remedy provided by law, examine the judgment debtor by propounding the interrogatories specified in this Code section in the manner provided in this Code section.

(b) If the judgment or execution concerning which interrogatories are being propounded was issued by the magistrate court, the judgment creditor may, after the entry of judgment, file the form interrogatories specified in this Code section with the clerk of the same magistrate court, along with costs of $10.00. Interrogatories filed under this subsection shall be served upon the judgment debtor by certified mail or statutory overnight delivery.

(c) Interrogatories propounded pursuant to a judgment entered in any other court shall be filed as a new civil action and shall be accompanied by the filing and service fees required for civil actions in that magistrate court. Interrogatories propounded under this subsection shall be served upon the judgment debtor in the manner provided for service of process in civil actions in magistrate court.

(d) The interrogatories, verification, and notice shall be in substantially the following form: Magistrate Court of __________ County State of Georgia ______________________ Plaintiff Current Civil Action File No. ______ ______________________ Address ______________________ v. Original Civil Action File No. ______ ______________________ Defendant Court where original judgment entered: ______________________ _____________________ Address ______________________ INTERROGATORIES TO: ______________, Defendant in the above-styled action: The Plaintiff in the above-styled action requests that you answer the following interrogatories separately, fully, and under oath and serve such answers on said plaintiff at plaintiff's address shown above by mail or hand delivery within 30 days after the service of these interrogatories. 1. List your full name, home phone number, and address,including apartment number and ZIP Code. 2. List the name, address, and phone number of your employer(s). 3. Describe and state the location of each piece of real estate in which you own any interest. 4. Give the name, address, phone number, and a description of the nature of any business venture in which you own any interest. 5. List the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all persons who owe money to you and specify the amounts owed. 6. List the names and addresses of all banks or savings institutions where you have any sums of money deposited and identify the accounts by number. 7. List and give the present location of all items of personal property owned by you that have a value of more than $100.00. VERIFICATION STATE OF GEORGIA, COUNTY OF ___________________________________ __________...

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